Studio Sitting Area & New Print!

Things are really coming together down at the studio! We really wanted a beautiful and cozy area to welcome people who are visiting the space. Once we open up for retail, this space will change, but for now we are loving having a more casual and comfortable place to hang out when friends and colleagues stop by.

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-22

Do you spy the newest Jenny’s Print Shop print here?! When our team went to Las Vegas Market we made a little detour to go see the Seven Magic Mountains on our way home. It’s an art installation out in the middle of the desert that’s basically a few very tall stacks of boulders painted in different shades of super poppy colors. I was excited to see them in person and I have to admit it was even cooler than I expected it to be. The way the colors pop off the desert backdrop and the big open sky – it was actually breathtaking. It’s fun having a reminder of our team trip with this new print hanging in our studio!

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-54


Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-10

Can you believe this wood and metal desk is only $100?! It also has a charging station built in, which is super awesome and would be great in an entry styled as a console table like we have it here. It is the perfect size for using a bench or pair of stools underneath. (PS We got those cute pink kilim stools for $39 from an Etsy seller that seems to have ghosted the internet this week?? We’ll let you know if they come back online!)

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-19

We also picked up this moroccan style rug for our sitting area. It is so, so beautiful in person and IT WAS UNDER $200 FOR AN 8X10!!!! (yes, that was me shouting. This rug is all-caps good, guys!). It looks like it’s sold out most everywhere online (except for the runner size) probably because of the Labor Day sales, but that has happened before and it will for sure get restocked soon.  There is also a gray background version that looks like it would be amazing and it’s in stock!

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-27

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-18

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-31

side table  //  sofa

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-44

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-28

coffee table  //  metal basket

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-4

floral top  //  jeans  //  sandals

Some of you saw on my stories the other day that there is a new Pottery Barn Outlet in Phoenix. I picked up a great pair of leather chairs and this gorgeous bench cushion Carlisle sofa. It is SUPER comfortable and I while got a great deal on it at the outlet, I have to say I think it would be worth the purchase, even at full price. Though, if you’re looking for a sofa that’s more budget-friendly, this one caught my eye and the reviews are great!

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-40

We got a pair of these green chairs from Urban and I think they’re super cute. While I wouldn’t describe them as loungey, they make perfect accent chairs and are great for a sitting room. I especially love the snaps on the side! 🙂

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-42

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-49

rug  //  chair  //  pillow

Green and blue are my favorite colors, so this combo is really doing it for me! LOVE this new set up! 🙂

Seven Magic Mountains Living Room-12


sofa  //  rug  //  striped pillow  //  kilim pillow

side table  //  coffee table  //  white vase  //  eucalyptus branch


kilim pillow  //  tassel pillow  //  chair  //  round mirror

metal basket  //  desk  //  black stars

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